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Welcome on this website dedicated to Grand Prix 4. Our goal is to help you to configure your game. You can join us in our championship. How can I use Grand Prix 4? What are the championships? Now, these questions have an answer.



How to set the game for rain

How to set the game for rain

You have noticed that some qualifying or sessions can happen in the rain. GP4 has some specific capacities to manage changeable weather conditions. In the 'Options' menu, you activate a percentage of rain. But because of the random motor of the game, the rain will be different from one computer to another. So, in order to be fair and equal, we have a convenient tool : the seed. It is a serie of numbers, which, combined with the percentage of rain, create the same conditions for all computers. 
Here is the tutorial made by Mickael in order to use the seed and the percentage of rain. 

What the driver driver receives

When a qualifying or a race is done under rainy weather, the driver is given two pieces of informations:

The seed is a serie of 6 numbers (for example: 41019,15099,34582,16955,34628,30151) 

Where to insert this data?

All is done in the GPxPatch software that enables you to start the game. Go to the 'GPxSet' tab, click 'Session settings'. 

Probability of rain

In the rolling list, on the line 'weather', select 'Custom'. In 'probability of rain', specify the probability of rain needed. 

The seed

Under the line 'weather', select 'Use'. 
In the box 'Random Seed', insert now the seed given for the session. 
Last, in the case 'For session', select which session of the game you want to use the seed :  
- If you do the qualifyings (hotlap), you must select 'unlimited practice', because qualifyings are done in this mode. 
- If you want to join the race, select 'quick race', because races are done in this mode. 
Watch out! 
It is important not to forget to select the right session when you join the qualifying or race. After the week of qualifying, when you will join the race, remember to change the type of session in GPxPatch.

How to check everything is clear?

- Start GP4, start a session of qualifying or race. 
- As soon as you are on the track, escape and save the game. 
- Open your file using Hofxlap 
- Check that the probability of rain and the random seeds are correct. 
You should get these data in your Hofxlap file. You should have something like (for example) :  
Weather type: Custom Probability of rain: 91% 
Random seed: 41019,15099,34582,16955,34628,30151 
Hope that will be useful! 
Fewer DC = More happy drivers! 
Thanks to MiKL for these explanations! 
Thanks to Kerolivier for the translation into English ;)