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Welcome on this website dedicated to Grand Prix 4. Our goal is to help you to configure your game. You can join us in our championship. How can I use Grand Prix 4? What are the championships? Now, these questions have an answer.



Grand Prix 4

Grand Prix 4, jeu de Formule 1

Grand Prix 4, Video game PC and Xbox
Race. Infogrames



Category Formule 1

1-jerome H.jayjay57 124 Pts
2-Micka G.kenny 113 Pts
3-Romain S.domino 102 Pts
4-Stéphane .stefdrago 70 Pts
5-Cédric B.torggx 63 Pts
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Décès d'un pilote victime d'une sortie de piste

Un pilote de moto, par ailleurs directeur de la revue spécialisée Street Monster, a été victime dimanche d'une sortie de piste pendant la course...

Grand Prix de Belgique - Lotus ne fera pas appel de la suspension de Grosjean

L'écurie Lotus F1 ne fera pas appel de la suspension du Français Romain Grosjean (Lotus) pour une course, le Grand Prix d'Italie, et annoncera "un peu...

Frequently Asked Questions on Grand Prix 4

Grand Prix 4 :.. the website

Up Is it necessary to register to participate to the championships?

Yes. During your registration, you will have to choose a driver name and nickname. These informations about you will identify you during the GPs. They will allow the team managers to propose to you contracts. Be registered will also allow you to contact the other drivers and managers already registered.

Up How to register?

At the top of each page of the website, at the right of the site logo, you will find the link "Not a member yet" : click on it.

Up I register but I did not receive the mail to confirm my subscription, what can I do?

Some providers like AOL or Hotmail have an antispam which does not allowed many mails to be received. In that case, you have to send an e-mail with your pseudo to validation [at] Then, we will validate your inscription.

Grand Prix 4 :.. the game

Up What is Grand Prix 4?

Grand Prix 4, developped by Geoff Cramond, is the fourth game of the serie of video games named Grand Prix. It is a game called "the most realistic simulation of Formula One" by many players.

Up Is Grand Prix 4 free?

Obviously, it is not. You can buy it off line in stores like FNAC, Virgin Media or Furet du Nord. Online, you can find it on Amazon, Price Minister and other stores.

Up Is Grand Prix 4 playable online?

No. This is sad but GP4 is only playable on Local Area Network. Grand Prix 4 may be available for online game when we will have high brand internet service, like 100 megabytes. Then, it is not for tomorrow.

Grand Prix 4 :.. the championships (F1 and MSS)

Up What is the CVGPi of our site?

The CVGPi is a offline championship of Grand Prix 4. CVGPi means Championship of Virtual Grand Prix on Internet. It is the oldest French championship based on the Grand Prix series over the Internet. It was created in june 1997.

Up Is the championship free?

Yes. This championship is totally free.

Up I am registered. How can I participate?

The 1st thing to do is to install and configure correctly your GP4 game for it to be valid for the championships. Consult for that the general rules, then each section corresponding to the different championships.
One your installation finished, we advice you to check your configuration with the tool, done for that, in your member section, called the "paddock".

Up Is it necessary to be part of a team?

No. As soon as your registration is confirmed, you have access to all the competitions organized by the CVGPi. To be part of a team is not obligatory, but adviced. You can participate to the events in "free driver" : you will be displayed on the grids as part of the default team, the "CVGPi Team".

Up What does AVPO mean? Why do you limit AVPO to 100% in qualifications and race?

AVPO means "Average Value of Processing Occupation". The higher the value is, the higher your computer is working. If it hoes higher than 100%, your computer is slowed down.
A high level of AVPO is a handicap for several drivers. But some people are faster with a high level of AVPO as the computer has some troubles with the game. Then, the speed of the game decreases and corners are easier to negociate.

Up How to install GP4 to participate to the championships?

A complete procedure is available in the files.

Up Where can I find informations about how to configure my game?

The files are here for that.

Up What is the utility of the code given for each Grand Prix, and where must I put it?

You have to put this code IN the game: after your driver name, after your team name, OR after your engine name. You must not put it in the name of the file to be sent.
Example : The given code is 544. You start GP4, you go in « Driver », then « change name » and you put the code after your name, your team, or the engine.

Up How to contact a verificator?

If you want to contact a verificator of the league, you have 2 means:
 1) by the contact form of the website,
 2) or directly by email to the following addresses:
   Magic S => d.midi [at]
   MiKL => mikl_gp4 [at]
   Ricri => r.richard [at]
   SpeedyGus => giusti.christophe [at]
   TeeT => t.savard [at]
   Tity => t.despois [at]
   Xavier => radhus [at]
   Yohan => yohan.milin [at]

Grand Prix 4 :.. the problems

Up When I start the game, during the game, or when I press the Escape key in the game, GP4 crashes. What can I do?

This is knows bugs of GP4. In the majority of the cases, they are solved by these tips:
- Start GP4 with the GPxPatch software
- In GPxPatch, check "Start GPx in debug mode" (on certain tracks, it will be necessary to uncheck it)
- In GPxPatch, select under "Verbosity" the option "Low"
- In GPxPatch, select "0" in CPU

Grand Prix 4 :.. customize GP4

Up Where can I find informations to customize my game or create a car?

The files are here for that.
The Downloads section of the website is also here to help you...