In video games, a genre that we all like is that of cars, racing, and driving vehicles, since they offer a very realistic experience on how to drive a car and parking games are also included, and that is that all these games are entertaining for those who like speed. There are parking games, which gives a feeling of realism quite great when playing it – it is an incredible combination of speed and authenticity. Significant parts that make these games the most famous on consoles and games online, so we have prepared a compilation of the best car and racing games.

We have provided you the best racing video games of the last decade:

  1. Need for Speed Most Wanted

It is a game that combines persecution with incredible graphics, its first appearance was on the Play Station 2 console, but with the success it had and the fans behind it, it was presented and remodeled for Play Station 3 and Xbox 360.

  1. Gran Turismo 5

It is considered by many to be the best, and it is mainly for realism in driving as well as its excellent graphics that give us the feeling that we are in a real car. He owns many cars of all brands, Porche, Mercedez Benz, BMW, and many other brands.

The game is about closed circuit racing, and it has multiple championships and many game modes.

  1. Car Racing –Themed Slots

The biggest casino software platforms distributed an excellent addition to our list. These car racing slots will give you such a thrill, while the enormous jackpots will be your vast motivation and give you the racing spirit. Have a free test run, by using the no deposit bonuses. You will find them both at CanidianTopList

  1. The Fast and the Furious

The game is based on the movie that bears the same name, in which we can do street races and avoid being caught by the police, in which we can customize our car as we wish, from color to style of the chassis.

  1. Midnight Club 3

It is a card game that has incredible effects, in which we can do street races, and we will also be chased by the police, in which we can add multiple things to the car, such as nitrous and even colors to the vehicle. One of the peculiarities of this game is that it allows you to run or choose motorcycles for the race.

  1. ToCA Race Driver

It is a racing game of the most fun and entertaining since, in it, we have other games such as Formula 1. The rally, or in 4 × 4 vehicles, it is a complete game, the graphics and gameplay are excellent.

  1. Burnout Dominator

It is a game with excellent graphics, and it is mainly based on races under events, we will have the option to participate in Tour and championships, with difficult opponents. It is created by EA, which is the same that develops NFS Most Wanted.

  1. WRC Power slide

It is an excellent racing game, and it is focused on mountain races and extreme places, it is of the Rally type.

  1. F1 2012

Formula 1 or (one), is one of the most followed sports worldwide, so there is no shortage of a game that deals with this event, the game has excellent graphics, they are very realistic, and a level of driving superior to the other games, in which we will have to participate in F1 races and get prizes.

  1. Project Cars

It is a simulator, one of the best there is currently with regard to driving, the game has a wide variety of vehicles, and is a developer by EA. With a really incredible sound, and the best graphics you can find in a game.